Fanny Rush - Portfolio of Artist & Painter Fanny Rush


Growing up in London as the child of two artists I was lucky enough to inherit the gifts of good draftsmanship and a strong aesthetic visual sense. Eager to join the real world as soon as I could I side-stepped art school. Then with a huge amount of energy, a love of travel and a passion for design and colour I fell into my first profession as a fashion stylist working in photography and flying around the world on fashion shoots. This suited me well at the time and it matured into a career as an art director in film.

It was while working in the film industry in São Paulo Brazil in the mid 1990s that my work won a Cannes film award. Extraordinarily, at about that same time I casually picked up a paintbrush and fell overwhelmingly in love with painting.

I knew immediately that this was what I was born to do and I returned to London. My fascination with humanity drew me to painting people from the start, and I have been a portrait painter ever since.

Everything I have learned about design and colour from my previous careers is in my portraits. I have been free to learn about painting by studying and using the techniques of the old masters, Rembrandt is my mentor. I believe however that the most valuable gift I have been given is the insightfulness to see, and consequently to portray, the best characteristics of my subjects.