Fanny Rush

I was born in London into a family of professional writers and artists. I have always been able to see ‘pictures’ — the point where the light, colour and shapes naturally and exquisitely combine to create a beautiful image. This is my gift — and painting is my skill. Basically I have studied and use the painting techniques of the Great Masters, and my own instincts for style and design.

I paint portraits not just because I can, but because I love them. I communicate intrinsically and continuously with the real person behind the face as I am painting. The likeness and the whole personality of the sitter is channelled through my brush and is there on the canvas, I still find it amazing.

The portrait process

The process is straightforward and flexible. Firstly we discuss the context, nature, setting and the size of your portrait. I will then give you a quote and we can agree a schedule.

If you would like to proceed with the commission, half of the fee will be payable, although I’m happy to break down the payments if that works better for you. I have a draft contract that we can use if you require.

The next step will be a meeting in your environment — wherever in the world that may be — in order for me to design the portrait and take some reference photographs. When we have agreed ideas and you have approved my photographs, I can start the portrait in my studio.

During the painting process I would like to see you for a sitting in my studio for about an hour so that I can see where I am with the work, and you can give me your feedback. The last touches will be done at a final sitting to finish the portrait to your complete satisfaction. The portrait will be professionally photographed, signed and given to you.

If you are not able to come to my studio the sitting can be done at the end when I will deliver the portrait to you. At this point the second half of the fee is paid.


The prices of the portraits and the incidental portraits are based entirely on the time that it takes me to paint them — and they are painted to commission.

The fine quality of the painting of the facial features in the full portraits takes time, and the Incidental portraits without a full face are much quicker to paint. This is reflected in the price.

Please contact me and I will send you the price list for portraits and incidental portraits.

As a gift

Many of my clients have commissioned a portrait or an incidental portrait of a loved one as a gift to them.  It’s also something the recipient may be a bit shy to do for themselves — which is what makes it the perfect present.

Everyone so far has been absolutely delighted when presented with the idea, and we have gone ahead. However if they are not, that’s fine. There is no commitment. We simply won’t take it any further.

We have developed a lovely way of being able to make the portrait a surprise on the special day.

I will write a letter to the recipient to be given to them. It will include examples of my work and will explain that I have been commissioned to paint them, and that I am looking forward to meeting them. This approach works beautifully.

The Studio

The Studio is very near the American Embassy in Nine Elms, London.

Visitors are welcome. Please contact me, come and have a cup of tea and see the work.


I’m happy to talk about any aspect of the work at anytime. Please just call me and if I’m painting, you can leave a message and I will ring you back. Email is fine too.

The Studio No. 11
256 Wandsworth Road
Nine Elms
London SW8 2JS