Fanny Rush

I think the best gifts I have been given are visual and perceptual insightfulness , and a natural affinity with paint, which I inherited – was taught – and have had a huge amount of practice at.

From my earlies memories my everyday life has been interrupted at times by visual flashes where I can see pictures – a moment when the light, shape and colour are combined in a way that has made the ordinary things and people around me exquisitely beautiful. These glimpses into the supreme are so joyous that I have developed this sense from the very first sightings. I find it everywhere and it touches my heart.

The gift of perceptual insightfulness has enabled me to really see people and to understand who they are, and the fascination, love, and understanding I have for humanity has meant that my subject has always been people. More than just a likeness, the whole real person is there in the canvas.

My portraits and my quiet portraits are created using the combination of these two insights. Together with the painting techniques that the Great Masters have taught me, and many years of experience, I have been brought to a place where I am producing my very best work.

Born into a family where both my parents were artists, normal breakfast conversation for us might be to discuss the way that the frost on the window panes was making beautiful feathery patterns, revealed by the light shining through them. One of my first memories at aged about five, is of running into a room and seeing a jar of daffodils siting on a dark wooden table. Bright morning light was streaming into the room and bouncing a yellow glow from the flowers and onto the table, it was so beautiful it stopped me in my tracks.

From that time on my everyday life has been interrupted at times by visual ‘flashes’ where I can see pictures – when the light, shape, colour, and have spontaneously combined in a way that has made the ordinary things and people around me suddenly quietly and exquisitely beautiful. These glimpses into the supreme are so joyous that from the first sightings I have consciously developed this sense. I of look for it everywhere, and I arrange all the things around me in such a way that they hit a sweet-spot deep inside me.

Another aspect to this visual insightfulness is perception, the ability to really see people and to be able to understand innately what is going on within them by interpreting their mannerisms, and not necessarily their words. This instinct became vital when desperate for my independence I left school and family at very young age, and strolled head-first into a tough world for a teenager alone. I was kept safe by being able to better interpret any obscured intentions of people around me in what were sometimes potentially quite dangerous situations. However the aspect of this skill that I value most is how it has helped me to make truly wonderful friends throughout my life.

I didn’t want parent’s gentle life as artists, and what followed was a series of right person, right place, right time opportunities that took me on a roller-coaster career throughout my twenties as an art-director in photography and film. Ultimately ending in Brazil where my work won an international award.

However at this same time the latent artist in me was demanding to be set free.

I was feeling a compulsion to draw. I would go to Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo and quickly sketch people as they walked. I felt complete as if a missing piece me had been found, and I knew that this is what I was born to do.

It was a great place to start, Brazilians love artists and a small crowd would gather behind me and discuss my drawing. They liked it, I could hear them say “muinto bom”. Encouraged I rented a studio bought brushes and paint and fell in love with painting. With six months’ worth of money behind me I gave myself that time to stay in Brazil and paint to see if I could become competent enough to earn a living as a painter. I have been a painter ever since.

The Portrait and The Quiet Portrait Process

The process is straightforward and flexible. I want you to enjoy the experience of having your portrait painted by me and I want you to absolutely love your portrait.  Firstly we discuss the context, nature, setting and the size of your portrait. I will then give you a quote and we can agree a schedule.

If you would like to proceed with the commission, half of the fee will be payable, although I’m happy to break down the payments if that works better for you. I have a draft contract that we can use if you require.

The next step will be a meeting in your environment — wherever in the world that may be — or in my studio in order for me to design the portrait and take some reference photographs. When we have agreed ideas I can start the portrait in my studio.

During the painting process I would like to see you for a sitting in my studio for about an hour so that I can see where I am with the work, and you can give me your feedback. The last touches will be done at a final sitting to finish the portrait to your complete satisfaction. The portrait will be professionally photographed, signed and given to you.

If you are not able to come to my studio the sitting can be done at the end when I will deliver the portrait to you. At this point the second half of the fee is paid.


Portraits and quiet portraits of you or your loved ones are painted to commission. The prices are based entirely on the time that it takes me to paint them.

The very fine quality of the painting of the facial features in the full portraits takes time, the quiet portraits are looser and quicker to paint. This is reflected in the price.

There is a price list for portraits and quiet portraits that I can send you to give you an idea, but please also come to the studio to see the work.

The Studio

The Studio is very near the American Embassy in Nine Elms, London.

Please contact me and come and visit – it’s the best way to see the work. I’m very happy to take a break, have a cup of tea with you and to discuss all aspects of it.


The Studio No. 11
256 Wandsworth Road
Nine Elms
London SW8 2JS