I am low-key and discreet, my commissions usually come to me by word of mouth recommendations.

These clients have kindly given me permission to name them.

  • US Ambassador Robert Holmes Tuttle US Ambassador to UK. Painted for The US Embassy. London
  • Sir William Castell Chairman of the Wellcome Trust, former Director of Amersham and Vice Chairman of G.E. USA. Painted for The Wellcome Trust. London
  • Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse Former President of The Royal Society and Chief Executive and Director of The Francis Crick Institute. London
  • John Studzinski CBE Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Blackstone Group. New York
  • Sir Michael Dixon Director of The Natural History Museum. London
  • Lord Davies CBE formerly UK Trade Minister and Chairman of Standard Chartered Bank. London
  • Sharad Pawar Minister for Agriculture, India and President of The International Cricket Council. India
  • Frank Tang Founder, Chairman and C.E.O. of Fountainvest. Hong Kong
  • Sunil Mittal Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Airtel Group. India, and now Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • Oliver Stocken CBE Chairman of M.C.C. and of The Natural History Museum. London
  • Praful Patel Aviation Minister. India
  • Michael Buerk writer and broadcaster. London
  • Kevin Ching C.E.O. of Sotheby’s Asia. Hong Kong
  • Dr. Prathap C. Reddy Founder and Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, awarded the Padma Vibushan. India
  • Shane Warne commissioned by M.C.C. for the Pavilion at Lord’s Cricket Ground. London
  • Richard Jordan Editor of Conde Nast Traveller

Client’s Words

Henry Wyndham, Former Chairman of Sotheby’s Europe said

“Fanny Rush is one of the best painters working today, I have known her work for many years and am very pleased to have it hanging on the walls of my home.”

Cherry and Frank - 42 x 55 ins

Terry Hu Co-President/Co-Founder 
at Fountainvest Partners Co Ltd. Hong Kong writes,

“Dear Fanny,
It is a wonderful piece in South China Morning Post about your artwork. How beautiful the connections have been among all of us. I am grateful to you for your flawless portrait of my dear friends-Frank and Cherry. I indeed spent a lot of time searching for the right gift idea, for Frank and Cherry, at a time that was special to them, as well as to me. I wanted something that could be lasting. And you made it!
Thank you again Fanny!
Warm regards,
Terry Hu”

Sir William Castell 30 x 42 ins

Lady Renice Castell, wife of Sir William Castell says

“When you have a husband who has everything he needs, what do you buy for his birthday? Ideas were running out. Suddenly I met a neighbour on his way to see Fanny Rush to collect his portrait. He was delighted with it … Bingo! After a photo session and two live sittings, we have an exceptional portrait, and, despite himself, my husband is coyly delighted. The whole family love this portrait, but when the time comes who will have it on their wall? Perhaps it will be a year each!”

Sir William Castell - 34 x 31 ins

Lady Castell continues

“So pleased is he, that when the organisation he works with ask for a portrait of him, off he goes again to Fanny for another portrait, this one a little more formal but with the same twinkle in the eye. Several of our friends have now joined the ‘Club of Fanny Rush Portraits’ and all are overjoyed, as are their spouses”.

Edward Frazer - 29½ x 31 ins

Trinity Group Limited CEO and Founder Edward Frazer says

“Fanny is an exceptional portrait painter, she can see and portray exactly who we are, not just what we look like. This is my second portrait by Fanny in ten years. I have two children and when the time comes, they will receive one each. Her work is like visual archaeology – every bump and scar, every lift of the eyebrow or look in the eye is a record of the life I’ve led. Fanny has produced a complete record of me for my children to remember and enjoy”.

Isaac, Charles & Raphael - 6 x 4 ft

Victoria Gonda, wife of Toronto newspaper executive Gabe Gonda, says that Fanny has perfectly captured their three children.

“My mother Madeline Webster presented us with the gift of a portrait of our three boys. Fanny spent time with our family getting to know the boys while preparing to paint them. The process was enchanting. The boys found it extremely entertaining to be the subjects of an artist’s attention. Our portrait is beautiful and it’s completely faithful to their characters”.

Gabe Gonda adds

“It’s a cliché to say we live in an age of disposable images but it’s nonetheless true. Part of what makes Fanny’s portrait so special is that it is just the opposite of disposable. It’s an object imbued with soul and we cherish it”.

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