• Jeanne Stainer 38 x 24 inches

  • Will Riccio 24 x 16 inches

  • Charles Dance 13 x 9 inches London

  • Robin Stainer 30 x 24 inches

  • Shane Warne 46 x 29 inches London

  • Marcelle and Sally 21 x 22 inches Los Angeles

  • Sam Rush 21 x 29 inches London

  • John Studzinski 16 x 10 inches London

  • Elizabeth Philion 36 x 44 inches London

  • Ian 14 x 14 inches London

  • Sunil Mittal 30 x 42 inches Delhi

  • Kevin Ching 18 x 19 inches Hong Kong

  • Isaac, Charles and Raphael 6 feet x 4 feet Toronto

  • Dr Prathap Reddy 40 x 47 inches Chennai

  • Richard Jordan 26 x 22 inches London

  • Ben Lucas 14 x 10 inches

  • Ajit Gulabchand 48 x 40 inches Mumbai

  • Edward Frazer 29 x 31 inches London

  • Curtis Bashaw 40 x 32 inches New York

  • US Ambassador Robert Tuttle 47 x 36 inches London

  • Cherry and Frank 42 x 55 inches Hong Kong

  • Sir William Castell 34 x 32 inches London

“In the portraits Fanny pulls something extraordinary out of her subjects.
And in the quiet portraits, her subjects pull something extraordinary out of her.”

The Portraits

I have been given the gift of perceptual insightfulness – an intrinsic sensitivity that enables me to understand who my subject truly is, and to portray real communication from the eyes of the portrait to the viewer. The anatomy of the muscles in a face form the expression we see and I envisage what is happening under the skin as I paint, this gives me a spot-on likeness and the subliminal result makes portraits feel alive. And not just in the face, a huge part of a recognisable personality is in the way that people hold themselves. I simply watch my subjects to see what they do naturally, think how to use it, and then I paint it.

The Great painters, primarily Rembrandt, Goya and Titian have taught me how to paint. I have been on a quest to discover their painting methods from their own writings, which sit elusively in big, old, dusty books. I particularly love the vision and the use of light by the artists William Nicholson, Hammershøi and the photographer Cartier-Bresson. Living in London I am so lucky, this great work is on my doorstep in the big national galleries and I can scrutinise it endlessly.

Visit the Studio

Portraits and quiet portraits of you or your loved ones make very special presents.

The Studio is very near the American Embassy in Nine Elms, London. Please contact me and come and visit, have a cup of tea and see what’s on the easel.