Fanny Rush - Portfolio of Artist & Painter Fanny Rush

Fanny Rush

Fanny Rush is one of Britain’s leading portrait painters. Based in London she works internationally.

Fanny grew up in London, and as the child of two artists she inherited a strong aesthetic visual sense and good draftsmanship. Her first profession as a fashion stylist working in photography suited her perfectly. The job made very good use of her abilities and pretty soon she was at the top of her field and flying around the world on fashion shoots. By her thirties she had moved into film as an art director and it was while working in São Paulo Brazil in the mid 1990s that her work won a Cannes film award.

At about that same time she casually picked up a paintbrush, and fell overwhelmingly in love with painting. Knowing immediately that it was what she was born to do, she returned to London and became a professional painter.

Her fascination with humanity led her directly to portrait painting. It is her instinctive understanding of people that has enabled her to see who a person truly is, and to paint the best of them in a sensitive and personal way. This skill combined with everything she has learned about design and colour from her previous careers is in her portraits and she has flourished from the start.

Now with twenty years of continuous portrait painting experience behind her, she is producing her best work.