• The Far View 20 x 12 inches

  • The Silk Pyjamas 12 x 13 inches

  • Sharon 15 x 20 inches

  • Sean 23 x 15 inches

  • Young Woman 18 x 12 inches

  • Letmiya 24 x 14 inches

  • The Linen Shirt 20 x 26 inches

  • Beatrice 19 x 32 inches

  • Mum’s Hands 7 x 9 inches

  • Gill 16 x 14 inches

  • The Recipe Book 11 x 10 inches

  • Sara 8½ x 9½ inches

  • Bob 11½ x 10 inches

  • Ruth 12 x 12 inches

  • Simon 23 x 10 inches

“In the portraits Fanny pulls something extraordinary out of her subjects.
And in the quiet portraits, her subjects pull something extraordinary out of her.”

The Quiet Portraits

Without the compelling power of the face, a quiet and discreet beauty is claimed by the whole image.

The Quiet Portraits use the beautiful combinations of light, colour and shape that I can see in spontaneous flashes.

They are side-long glace paintings that make us feel as if we are there with them. The subjects, faces turned away from us are absorbed by something unknown, unaware of us or of themselves. Yet these are still portraits, recognisable to anyone who knows the subject by their body shape and the way that they hold themselves – in the same way that you can recognise a friend in the far distance by their walk.

I paint on unstretched canvas and only decide where the edges will be when the work is finished. This gives me another dimension – the space. There is a point (which is to the millimetre) where the balance is perfect. I work it out with masking tape and stretch the canvas to that.

Visit the Studio

Portraits and quiet portraits of you or your loved ones make very special presents.

The Studio is very near the American Embassy in Nine Elms, London. Please contact me and come and visit, have a cup of tea and see what’s on the easel.